Generation West Virginia 

Annual Local Generation Awards

We’re asking any member or member of a leadership team of a local Generation to fill out this nomination form. We're still working on what it means to be a member, so for now, if you've been to events or felt like part of your local generation please fill out this form. 

Generation WV knows that the leadership team and the members of your local Generations have been doing unrecognized, but impactful and powerful work in your local communities which has ultimately led to attracting and retaining young talent in the mountain state. We want to take the time to stop - and truly say thank you and recognize the work that y'all have been doing - whether that's been for the past six months or the past six years. Our movement is stronger and better because of you. 

Please fill out this form on behalf of yourself - Ie. "Natalie answering how many connections Natalie has made." Therefore, we trust our young leaders around the state to answer the questions with honesty, so we can recognize local Generations and their members and leaders fairly. 

So what's the timeline?

  1. June 14 - Annual Awards are live! 
  2. July 1 - Annual Awards will close
  3. August - exact date TBD awardees notified
  4. Fall - exact date TBD Local Generation Annual Awards will be held 
Generation West Virginia